• José Martin Echeverria Coordinator of Hescap Project, was Invited by the European Commission to Speak at the Trans-Atlantic Workshop on Storage Technologies for Power Grids, which Took Place in Washington DC.


José Martín Echeverría, a researcher in CEIT's Electronics and Communications department, was invited to speak the Trans-Atlantic Workshop on Storage Technologies for Power Grids as an expert on supercapacitors. The workshop took place October 19-20 in Washington, DC.

The workshop had two objectives. One was to become familiar with all the initiatives currently underway related to the development of new and more efficient electric power storage systems.


The other was to determine possible frameworks for collaboration between the European Union and the United States.The meeting brought together around 30 experts in power grid storage and management --15 were from Europe and the rest were from the US.

Developing energy generating devices based on renewable energy sources is significantly changing how large transmission grids are managed and how electric power is distributed around the world. Because renewable energy sources are not predictable, it is necessary to install power storage points in order to ensure the safety and quality of the power supply at all times. One of the possible technologies that can be implemented in future power grids is based on using supercapacitors for storage. José Martín Echeverria is currently leading the research line on the development of a new and more efficient power storage technology at the European level (HESCAP).

The event was jointly organised by the European Commission and the US Department of Energy.


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