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Mora Jaramillo, M.; Mendoza, A.; Vaquero, S.; Anderson,M.; Palma, J.; Marcilla, R.*Role of Textural Properties and Surface Functionalities of Selected Carbons on the Electrochemical Behaviour of Ionic Liquid based-Supercapacitors.RSC Advances.Volume (Issue), Pages, Year: 2 (22), 8439-8446, 2012


Vaquero, S.; Díaz, R.; Anderson, M.; Palma, J.; Marcilla, R.*.Insights into the influence of pore size distribution and surface functionalities in the behaviour of carbon supercapacitors.

Electrochimica Acta.DOI: 10.1016/j.electacta.2012.08.006           


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     F.M.Ibañez, J. M. Echeverria, J. Vadillo, L. Fontán .25kW DC/DC Converter applied to a supercapacitor stack. ESARS Conference. 16-18 October 2012-Bologna,Italy.


S.Vaquero, J.Palma, M.A. Anderson, R. Marcilla.Role of textural properties and surface functionalities of carbons in the performance of EDLCs. The 63rd Annual Meetingof the International Societyof Electrochemistry

Prague (Czech Republic).19-24 August, 2012



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 New Generation, High Energy and Power Density Supercapacitor Based Energy Storage System

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Start date: 01/04/2010
End date: 30/09/2013

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